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Sharon Lee

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Growing up in Papua New Guinea and being ensconced on a idealic but isolated tropical Island, I created works unhindered by repetitive domestic duties - however I never received tuition or saw the audience that viewed or procured my work.

From the 1990’s relocation to Australia bought with it the responsibility of children, a home, work, but also the ability to look and learn. Owning and operating an Art Supply shop within The Brisbane Institute of Art for more than a decade, I absorbed as much about attitudes, technique and materials as possible; while completing my Certificate and Diploma in fine art.

Establishing the Rusty Roo artist retreat on acreage surrounded by the Valley of the lakes, overlooking the Wivenhoe Dam; was an extension of what I feel is a shared passion for creativity. It has been a fulfilling and rewarding process. We were lucky to have some of Brisbane's well known and highly respected artists as our tutors. Sculpture in the Landscape, Ikebana & Ephemeral assemblages, painting, printing and drawing in the landscape, acted as further inspiration.

Though we have recently curtailed the workshops, I maintain a connection with my art, artists and place. This continued intimate involvement with artists and their art is a true joy.

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